Sunday Services @ 8:30 & 10:45 AM
Please Join Us 



Sunday Services @ 8:30 & 10:45 AM
Please Join Us 


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Saturday is CANCELLED this week.
In-door services on Sundays

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There are four services that are available this weekend at AFCON:


Cancelled this week:  Drive In Service

Saturday nights @ 6:00pm


Three In-door Services

 ever Sunday


8:30 AM - This service is mandatory masks with the service primarily for seniors and immune compromised people.


10:45 AM - Contemporary service and we are asking that you maintain social distancing andrespect for personal space.

6:00PM - Evening service is focused for the teens but all are welcome.


Each service is open to any and all persons.  But each service will have an emphasis.


Our safety protocols for each service:


1.   The first service would be for the elderly (say 60'ish and above) and the immune compromised.  In this service, masks, social distancing, and precautions are mandatory.  There will be no nursery or children's church.  Seating will be every other pew.  And the folks you drove in with will be the folks you sit with.  Dismissal will be by pew via ushers, like we do for Good Friday service.  The first service would be more traditional, as we do now.  The music would be hymns and piano.


2. The second service will also exercise restraint.  We also have pre-school and Jr church.   Worship would be the band and more contemporary.  We also use every other pew for sitting.



In all the services the practice is as follows.


3.  No greeters.  The temptation to shake hands and hug necks,  just too high.


4.  We clean every door knob and surface in between services.  We will have to have designated cleaners.  I have held Lysol wipes in reserve for "such a time as this" for our church body.


5.  No offering plate passing.  We encourage online giving and there will be our offering box on a table in the foyer.with a designated watchful eye on it.


6.  No greeting time or passing the peace in the services until further notice.


7. Doors will remain open where ever possible which encourages a lack of touching surfaces.


8. Even outside doors will remain open to facilitate fresh air exchange.  This will give fresh air and give folks less of a confined feeling.


9.   We have hand sanitation stations, free masks, and free gloves throughout the church and foyer.


10.  Socializing should be done outside while social distancing.


11.  Any and all of the above are subject to change.


12.  Finally, and this is very important, we do not engage in political rhetoric, disparaging remarks or even demeaning looks.  We place the emphasis on unity, acceptance and the Bond of Christ.  The Bible says, "Honor one another above yourselves."  That is what Christians are supposed to do.